Viva Video Download for PC, APK Android Pro Editor App

We bring to our readers this exclusive article on Viva Video Download: Free & Pro Video Editor plus Photo Movie Maker here. In this article, we will elaborate the download of this wonderful video editor cum photo movie maker app for your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices.

Viva Video APK through which users can edit videos, create photo slideshows and also do some movie edits through its features. We will discuss in detail about the app’s features in this article to make our readers understand the use of the app.

If you wish to know more about Vivavideo app and how to get it on your desired device, then read this article on.

Download Viva Video App for Android, PC, iPhone:

Viva Video Download is packed with numerous editing tools and features that allow users to enjoy their time on it. People do not get bored with the app as it has many interesting facilities due to which the user can make unique edits every time.

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the features of the Viva Video App with our readers.

The Viva Video App is available in two forms, being either Free or Premium version. The Premium version has more features than in the free version.

Viva Video

Here are the points that will describe the best features of the app;

  • The app’s user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • The users of this app can edit photos and combine them to make creative slideshows representing different stories.
  • Also, the app is mainly used to edit short video clips and make them funny or creatively represented.
  • Viva Video Download allows the user to edit using different fonts, stickers and styling features that are included inside the app.
  • The videos can be altered with their Tempo changes also. This means that the speed of the video can be made fast or slow to emphasize the editing effect on it.
  • Many filters can be applied to the videos and photo files for editing according to the choice of the user.
  • It provides about 200 animation effects for the editing.
  • Customization of the app’s layout is easy through the various skin choices provided in the settings menu.
  • Viva Video App also supports GIF images so that the creativity of the user can go to higher level.
  • The app integrates with the user’s device memory and camera for importing images or video files.

Users can make the collage of videos by merging videos together using the advanced tools of the collage maker in the app. The video edits and slideshows that you create can be saved on your device memory as a new video file of the format that you desire.

The user can also share the videos that he/she creates on this app on their social handles for their friends to see.

So, as you can see, these features best explain the Viva Video Editor app. The app serves the purpose of editing like a pro for the user. We are confident that many of our readers must be really excited to download Vivavideo on their devices as soon as possible. So, we will quickly get down to the same.

Viva Video APK Download for Android:

We know that Android devices are the most flexible of all operating systems for the mobile devices. It may be due to this reason, there are more Android device users than any other platform across the globe as of now. For this reason, it becomes easy for developers to create apps compatible with Android devices.

Viva Video APK

Under the video editing feature apps, there are very less number of apps among which, one is the Viva Video App. As we have seen the features of the app we do not need to re-discuss the capabilities of this app on your Android device. Before moving the steps of download although, we need to see the system requirements for the APK file compatibility with the Android device.

Here are the points for the requirements which are necessary to consider;

  • To Download Viva Video APK file, it requires Android 4.0.3 as the minimum requirement.
  • 512MB RAM is needed for the app to work.
  • Keep about 100MB free disk space for the app to work lag free.

Now, in order to manually install any APK file for an Android device, we have to first configure it once. Some devices are configured from before and some must be manually made to do so. For our readers, here are the steps to do this;

  • On your Android devices, go to the device “Settings” menu by clicking the settings icon.
  • Then click on “Applications settings” and look for the “Unknown Sources” option there.
  • You will see a small check box right next to this option.
  • Now, tap on the box to tick mark it and then exit the settings menu.
  • If there is a tick mark already in the box then just leave it as it is and exit the settings menu.

By changing this in the settings, your smartphone is not subjected to any kind of problem. Please do not be alarmed. These setting changes will allow the device to install APK files as if you are the phone’s developer. Now, all we need is the Viva Video APK download to end the process. Follow these steps to complete the procedure;

  • Click on the link here to get Viva Video download file.
  • After downloading the APK file, click on it to run its setup.
  • Select the “install” tab to initiate the installation process.
  • After installation is complete, select “open” or “finish” as per your choice.

With this, the downloading and installation process of the Viva Video App for your Android device is over. By following these steps carefully, you will not face any problems with the app and its processes.

Well, this is one way of getting the app on you Android device. But we like to keep our readers with all the options. So in the next section is another great method to get the app on your Android device.

VivaVideo Download on Android (Google Play Store):

Many times, when people try to manually install the APK files for their Android devices, errors occur. People tend to fail while doing this because there can be a system and file interface problem. Errors like “Parse error” or “error while parsing package” pops up on the screen when the users try to install them. So, to avoid all this, we have this alternative and official method to download Vivavideo on Android.

You can download and install the Viva Video APK on your Android devices using the Google Play Store on your device. Yes, friends! The app is available on the Play Store market app officially for the Android users. We will guide you through the steps of this method in this section of the article.

Viva Video Android

The system requirement for the device and the app version will remain same as that of the APK file which we discussed above. So, there is no need to worry about that again. Hence, we can directly move to the steps;

  • Firstly, make sure that the Google Play Store app on your Android devices has been upgraded to the latest version. If it is not so you will have to upgrade it to get the latest version of apps from it.
  • Next, launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • You need to provide your Google Account credentials to link with the app store. This is a mandatory step to use the services of the app store. So, if you do not have one take some time and create it to proceed with the process.
  • When the homepage loads, type “Viva Video APK” in the search bar and look up for it.
  • Several results will pop up from which you will have to choose the correct app version with highest ratings.
  • To help our readers out here is the exact link to the Download page for Viva Video Editor application on the Google Play Store. Click on it to get there.
  • Select “install” tab on the page and authorize the installation process to continue.
  • Wait for the app store to install the app on your Android device successfully.
  • Finally, exit the app store after completion of the process.

You will find the Viva Video Download on your app’s menu or app drawer with other apps. You can click on it to directly launch the app from there. In this method, you can see that we did not have to manually do anything with the app’s APK file. So, this method sometimes is beneficial. Try either of ’em and enjoy the Vivavideo download on your Android device.

Viva Video for PC Download on Windows:

In this section of the article, we will brief you on the steps to download Viva Video PC available on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/7. Well, first let’s discuss as to why do we need this app on the PC device? The app works well with the mobile devices and due to better camera responses, it fits bests with them to instantly click or shoot and edit.

But, we know that the PC devices have more capacity of storage and battery power as compared to the mobile devices. Moreover, the screen resolution is much better with PC use and the video editing becomes more easy as the visuals are clear. Getting down to the process, there is no .exe file for the Viva Video for PC as of now, so we will have to think of another method to get the app working on our PCs.

Viva Video for PC

The method we are referring to here is the use of the Bluestacks Emulator. It is a software that allows users to run APK files of Android devices on the PC and install them there. There are plenty of emulators available in the market for both Windows and Mac. If you have one on your PC then its good, but if you do not have one then you will have to download it from the web.

We have recommended this Bluestacks emulator or your PC as the best choice among the emulators. Click on the link below to download it on your PC. Follow the steps later to complete the process.

Download Viva Video for PC Here.

  1. Visit the official site of bluestacks, the program will automatically download on your PC.
  2. The size is 317 MB so it will definitely take some time so please bare with it.
  3. After downloading the .exe file of the application, click on it and run its setup.
  4. Click “Install” to initiate the installation process.
  5. Then, when the installation of VivaVideo for PC completes, select “open” option to launch the app on your PC device.
  6. You will have to enter your Google account credentials like in the app store to use the services.
  7. After all this, the main page of the Bluestacks application will load up.
  8. Type “Viva Video App” in the search bar of the app and look for it.
  9. Just like in Google Play Store, several results will pop up from which you will select the appropriate one.
  10. Click on the install button to initiate the installation of Viva Video for PC.
  11. Wait for the process to complete successfully.
  12. After installing the app via Bluestacks, the app will be stored under the “All Apps” section of the Bluestacks application.

To access the app, you will have to always launch Bluestacks on your PC. If you have the APK file for the Viva Video PC, you will not need to search for the version through Bluestacks, instead, simply right-click on the APK file and select “Open With > Bluestacks” option. This will install the app on your PC within no time.

Viva Video for iPhone/iPad Download

We have been discussing much about the Android devices lately isn’t is!? We surely do not wish to disappoint our iOS device user readers here. So, this section of the article is dedicated to the iPhone and iPad device users. We will discuss the download procedure of the Viva Video for iPhone and iPad devices in detail over here.

The Viva Video Download for iPhone device works like a charm. We know that the camera quality of the iPhone device is spectacular and its images are distinct. So, working the app within the iPhone and iPad devices is of great advantage to its users. Without any delay, we will move to the download steps but just one thing before that. We have to check the system requirements of the iOS device with the compatibility of the app.

Here are the points for the compatibility of the iOS device with Vivavideo download.

  • Requires iOS 7.0 and higher versions
  • File size is about 138MB so it will require about 300MB free disk space.
  • It is recommended to use the latest version of the iTunes App Store.

With these requirements covered, you will be able to get the Viva Video Download on your iPhone device in no time. Fortunately, the app is available in the iTunes App Store. We will guide you throughout the process and so, go through these steps first and then execute on your own to get through the process;

  • On your iPhone/iPad device, launch the iTunes App Store on your device.
  • Make sure that you have the latest or upgraded version of the iTunes to get the latest apps from it.
  • Furthermore, when you enter the iTunes App Store, you will have to provide our Apple ID without which you will not be able to make the purchases. If you do not have an Apple ID then create one first to proceed.
  • After entering the app store, type “Viva Video Download” in the search bar and look up for it.
  • You will find several results and you will have to select the official app from among them.
  • To help our readers out, we have put up the link here to reach the exact download page from your iTunes App Store here. Simply click on the link below to reach there;
  • Select the “Get” option to install the app on your device.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and then exit the app store.
  • Finally, you will find the app icon on your device’s app drawer with the other apps.

That’s it guys! This is the simplest and only way to get the Viva Video App for your iPhone or iPad device. Viva Video Download is available in many different languages for the iPhone devices of which, some are;  English, French, Spanish, Hindi, German, Chinese, Russian, Malay, Italian, Arabic, etc.

Follow the steps as mentioned here and you can easily enjoy the app on your iPhone/iPad device without inconvenience.

Download Viva Video Pro Version for Android:

We had mentioned about the Viva Video Pro version that exists in the market too. It is the same app but has many extra features that exist for users who are willing to pay up for the premium version. Let’s take a look at the extra features that the Viva Video Pro version has to offer;

Viva Video Pro

  • The app allows users to make Watermark-free video edits and slideshows.
  • Unlimited length of video and movie making.
  • All files can be export in HD quality.
  • No Advertisements to distract or disturb the user.
  • Fast expert mode is also available for its users.

Viva Video Download works on the HD level when it comes to Pro version and hence it is a premium advantage. The rate of this Premium version is Rupees 199.99 and is available in the Google Play Store for Android devices and for Rupees 190 in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. To purchase the app, you must have sufficient amount of credit in your App Store Account.

Here are the steps according to the two OS platforms;

Google Play Store – for Android users

  • Launch the Google Play Store and search for the “Viva Video Pro: HD Video Editor” in the search bar
  • You can use this link to directly reach the app’s purchase page: Download Viva Video Pro from Google Play Store
  • Select the amount tab and allow the purchase to take place.
  • The app will automatically install onto your Android device.
  • Finally, you can exit the app store and launch the Viva Video Download App like all other apps on your device.

iTunes App Store – for iOS users

  • Launch the iTunes App Store on your iOS device.
  • Make sure that you have an updated version of the app store so that it will give you the latest versions of the apps.
  • Look for the “Viva Video Pro” app on your iTunes App Store.
  • There can be more than one result so choose the version appropriately. Use this link if you can’t find the page on your own: Download Viva Video Pro from iTunes App Store
  • Select “Get” option and authorize the app store to make the purchase by providing the password.
  • Wait for the app to install successfully onto your iOS device.
  • Finally, exit the app store and enjoy your Viva Video App on the iOS device.

With this, you will easily be able to get more freedom to edit and more effects to make wondrous videos and photo shows. You will see that the cost that you are charged will be very much worth when you start using this app for editing your videos and photo collections.

Viva Video App Alternatives

We know that no app is perfect and it also cannot deliver 100% in all conditions. Similarly, the Viva Video Download has some faults or say minor flaws in the system due to which it sometimes fail to deliver the best video editing experience. Due to reasons as such, people tend to look for the alternatives for this app.

VivaVideo Alternatives

We will also deal with few alternatives here in our article today to brief our readers on the options that they have. Check out this list below with short description explain in some details about the apps;

Adobe Premium Clip:

This app is a free video editing app that allows great quality videos to be instantly edited by the means of different tools and effects.

Viva Video app is a fine and medium blend of images, video clips and sound effects in it to make a short movie or video. The user can change themes, layouts, and backgrounds of the images or videos. Also, users can share their creativity on the web by uploading the videos on their social handles.

Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker:

The app is really cheap compared to the Viva Video Download Pro app where on a yearly subscription, the person saves 25% of the amount he/she is paying.

It has over 80 million users who are fans of the app. The combination of various effects on photos and videos make great storyline works for the users. The app works best with the iOS platform.


This app is used to make small videos with different sounds and video edits for popular social handles like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It allows users to edit videos and add different music to create Dubsmash and such other videos. This is one of the best alternative of Viva Video Download App.

User experiences ease of sharing the files in this app. Trim, Crop, Hyperlase, etc are few features that are available in the advanced sections for the video editing process.


The app is also a popular and trending alternative to the Viva Video Download. The app helps users to create beautiful masterpieces of short movies by collecting short clips and high-quality images to the right amount.

It creates up to 60 different moods due to the different presets in the app. It can utilize any format video and image for editing and creating the edited movie.

Vee for Video:

This is also a decent alternative to the Viva Video APK. The integrates well with the camera device and people can shoot short clips to later join them and create a short storyline using those edited videos.

The app allows high-quality videos for edits and can also add filters to them continuously throughout the video without destroying the quality of the video. Effects like; Soundtrack change, transition speeds and animations, Focus and rupture points, etc all are included in this app.

There are several other alternatives in the market like; Splice, AndroVid, Flipagram, Photostory, VideoShop, Rookie Cam, PicPlayPost, etc. You can use any of our recommended apps or search for some more over the internet as per your convenience. We hope you find your suitable alternative soon.

Viva Video Download Issues & Solutions

The user interface of the app is such that the user will understand few basic functions as they are by their names. The app navigation is not difficult as the icons are also provided for users to understand the options. Though, there are people who may face some difficulty in using the Vivavideo APK.

Viva Video Issues

We have compiled a few questions that arise as an issue for this app but are also solved by the app’s developers. Here are the points that may explain some issues and their solutions that you would like to know about about Viva Video Download.

  1. Problems in uploading a certain file to Facebook or other social handles:
    • At times the video or content will be under scrutiny and checking for issues that may hinder social violation.
    • Due to any reason if your edited video contains elements that are of proprietary to people who can charge Facebook then the website will refuse to upload such content.
    • So, when you mix videos try to keep things at amateur level and not of any kind of political, or controversial nature.
  2. Updating the app problems:
    • When we wish to manually check for updates, there is a factor that the app is compatible with Android version 4.0 and hence there, the app store may be out of date at first.
    • It is mostly seen in Google Play Store that the app lags behind if it is not updated before looking for the Viva Video Download upgrades.
  3. Video saving not set to SD card:
    • The Android version 4.3 is continuously affected with such and error or say problem where the saving location for the file is not set automatically in Viva Video APK.
    • The file will go to the camera folder of the device memory but you will have to manually transfer the file to the external space storage location.

Well, these were the major issues that we have seen people query more about while the app does not function properly. Well, the only thing is to always check whether the RAM is not being preoccupied or the gallery settings and app settings are in compliance with the app’s settings.

How to use Viva Video App on Android?

In this final section of the article, we would like to brief you on how to use the app. Many of the young users may easily navigate through the app and learn by themselves but still, we will discuss the basics for those who can have some difficulty in doing so. Here are some points to help you as tips for using the Viva Video Download on your devices;

Viva Video App

  • To record a video or shoot a photo from the Viva Video App, users will have to launch the app and then select the “Capture” option. The screen will divert to the camera settings and from there the camera will become functional.
  • To record simply press the record button and the timer will run.
  • After recording the video, the editing options will pop up in.
  • To change different themes, select the themes option and scroll different themes and preview the video to view how the effect will be.
  • To edit sound effects, select the appropriate option and a timeline will be displayed. You can set your audio file along the timeline to match with the video.

The rest of the effects and tools are easy and as you go you will be able to prosper in its use. The Viva Video Editor App keeps its data and record of files in the system memory but you can change the location of the files before clicking the ‘save’ button. We feel that this much information will be enough for any user to understand the app’s use and features.

I think that you enjoyed this guide on Viva Video Download APK Android, PC and iPhone, please keep on visiting the site.